In-Person or Online

In-person appointments are held at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL.
Online meetings are held via Zoom. Private events available.

As a proudly AuDHD & disability-owned business, we are happy to accommodate and support all levels of ability. I myself have more than a half dozen disabilities, and aim to help others manage their conditions so they can access their gifts.

Please reach out to for specialized accommodations.
We pride ourselves on meeting you wherever you are, so don't be shy :)

A Wild Fig On A Mission

Welcome to my village!

Wild Fig Wellness exists to deliver souls to their Highest potential. We meet you wherever you are on your ascension journey and uncover the root of your dis-ease, emphasizing the magic of both Science & Spirit.

Together, we transcend barriers to wellness through the understanding and application of Polyvagal Theory. We then catalyze an awakening of the Higher Self by restoring balance to the Four Bodies. This is accomplished in Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

These three foundations acted as gateways to my highest timeline. They not only saved my life, but enabled me to achieve every dream I've ever had. It's an honor to share these tools with you.

Wanderers, you have been found. I feel you, I see you, I love you. It's time to come home to yourself. You are safe to live authentically.

Thank you for being here! I love you. May the light within you shine brighter every single day.

xx Kristyn, the original Wild Fig

Get to know us!
  • The Left Brain

    Holistic wellness & life coaching rooted in both science and spirit.

    Heart chakra.


  • The Right Brain

    A change generator in infinite forms: marketing, products, art...

    Sacral chakra.


  • The [Over]Flow

    The abundance of this balance is meant to be shared by all.

    Crown chakra.