Collection: Evolutionary Wellness Coaching

I'll meet you wherever you are to help you evolve into your Highest Self :)

After our session, I let our conversation "marinate" while I get a session report together. These reports are thorough, and include a list of tools I've used to get through similar experiences.

It is up to you to decide which tools are relevant for your experience. Should you want to explore a tool further, I can direct you to a qualified provider. 

My awareness comes from my own life experience; therefore, I do not teach from a place of observation. I teach from a place of firsthand experience. Because of this, the vibe is more "peer to peer" than it is "business to business."

We are all equal, I am just aware of (and able to synergize) my parts. This is nothing too daunting, just a skill to be learned. If you feel called, I've got you.