Kristyn Arielle

Kristyn Arielle is a multi-faceted, multi-dimensional individual whose work seamlessly bridges the analytical and creative realms. With a profound passion for service and a deep commitment to both personal and collective transformation, Kristyn's professional and spiritual endeavors span across three distinct expressions: Wild Fig Wellness, Wild Fig Creative, and the Krystos-Sophia Mystery School.


Embodiment and Ascension Coaching

In her left-brain expression, Kristyn is the founder of Wild Fig Wellness, a coaching business dedicated to embodiment, ascension, transformation, and the evolution of consciousness. Through Wild Fig Wellness, Kristyn offers transformational life coaching, specializing in guiding individuals on their spiritual journeys. She helps clients uncover the root causes of their dis-ease, integrating both scientific and spiritual approaches to transcend barriers to wellness. Her methodology incorporates Polyvagal Theory and emphasizes restoring balance across the Four Bodies—physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual—within the framework of Eight Dimensions of Wellness.

Wild Fig Wellness


Full-Service MarCom Agency

Kristyn’s right-brain expression is realized through Wild Fig Creative, her one-woman, full-service marketing communications agency. Armed with a degree in marketing and a minor in public relations, along with a storied career in marketing and promotions, Kristyn brings a wealth of expertise to her clients. Wild Fig Creative provides comprehensive support in strategic growth, branding & culture, marketing, communications, creative services, and operational flow. Kristyn’s experience spans a diverse range of industries, including food/beverage, CPG, construction, industrial/robotics, manufacturing, and wellness, utilizing the Wild Fig "Flow" as a universal framework for success.

Wild Fig Creative


A Path to Unity Consciousness

Kristyn’s flow state is embodied in the Krystos-Sophia Mystery School, a sacred institution dedicated to re-educating humanity towards the Law of One. As a channel for the RA Confederacy, Source, and the Council of Light, Kristyn guides seekers towards unity consciousness and spiritual enlightenment. The Krystos-Sophia Mystery School integrates a unique fusion of Lemurian and Atlantean consciousness, honoring all beings across time and space. This mystery school serves as a zero point for the Golden Age, aiming to anchor Christ Consciousness into the grid of future Tara. It also seeks to recover and reintegrate lost souls, fulfilling the Covenant of Paliador and the Amenti Mission, aligned with the Universal Tree of Life and the Kathara grid.



Director of Outreach

Beyond her entrepreneurial and spiritual pursuits, Kristyn serves as the Director of Outreach and Communications for the AWAKE: Oneness Tribe. In this role, she leverages her extensive marketing and communications expertise to foster connections and advance the organization’s mission of unity and enlightenment.

AWAKE: Oneness Tribe

Passion for Metaphysics

Kristyn’s life and work are deeply rooted in metaphysics, with a particular passion for the sacred sciences of the Law of One. She uses this profound knowledge to act as an Architect of the new world, guiding starseeds in reconnecting with their cosmic families and fulfilling their divine purposes.


Kristyn Arielle’s multi-dimensional approach to life and work exemplifies her dedication to personal growth, collective transformation, and service to humanity. Through her diverse expressions—Wild Fig Wellness, Wild Fig Creative, and the Krystos-Sophia Mystery School—she continues to inspire and guide others on their journeys toward unity and enlightenment, contributing significantly to the creation of a harmonious and enlightened world.