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I Am One | 12-Week Transformation Program

I Am One | 12-Week Transformation Program

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This is my most comprehensive program that delivers you to the root cause of your disease and dis-ease. This transformational program will help you stay your course on the journey to becoming a liberated, conscious being. You will discover the true nature of balance and how it flows within you and without you.  

Sessions are 60 minutes each, held via Zoom or at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL.

This covers all 3 of my core teachings. 

Session 1 
Introduction: Working together, getting to know your preferences. Goals, expectations? Frustrations, anything I should know? 
*Assign Enneagram test

Session 2 
Teach: (WHO) The Enneagram for highlighting strengths and overcoming weaknesses. Discussion about enneagram results. Do you feel this is accurate?
*Assign Stress Inventory: where is your stress coming from? 

Session 3 
Teach: The Four Bodies, The Tree of Life, Balanced Masculine/Feminine Energy (Homeostasis)
*Assign 4-body Audit (not due until session 5)

Session 4
Integrate: Custom integration session based on 4-body review. 

Session 5
Integrate: Custom integration session based on 4-body review.  

Session 6
Teach: Polyvagal Theory, The Science of Safety
     *Assign 5 Senses Awareness: what things do you use to calm your senses? Food, essential oils, candles, blankets, outfits? How do you create safety for yourself?
*Assign Polyvagal Exercises 

Session 7
Teach: Introduction to Somatic Therapy, Accommodating our Bodies, Stimming
     *Assign nervous system bag/kit assembly, complete with emergency contacts
     *Assign somatic therapy worksheets

Session 8
Teach: The Eight Dimensions of Wellness
Integrate: Physical & Environmental Wellness 

Session 9
Integrate: Financial & Occupational Wellness 

Session 10
Integrate: Mental/Emotional & Intellectual Wellness

Session 11
Integrate: Social & Spiritual Wellness

Session 12 
Integrate: Kristyn provides recap of discoveries & maintenance strategies to consider. 

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