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I Am Whole | 4-Week Transformation Program

I Am Whole | 4-Week Transformation Program

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Sessions are 60 minutes each, held via Zoom or at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL.

This is an accelerated program and is best suited for highly independent individuals who prefer applying the learnings with looser support. The eight and twelve-week programs have "in between" coaching sessions to help integrate the material into short and long term lifestyle changes.

This covers 2 of 3 of my core teachings. 

Week 1: 
The Four Bodies, The Tree of Life (Homeostasis) (we can only heal what is in our conscious awareness)
*Assign 4-body Audit

Week 2: 
Balanced Masculine/Feminine Energy, The Enneagram 
*Assign Enneagram 

Week 3: 
Polyvagal Theory & The Science of Safety
Assign Self Audit: Where do you think you are? Who and what makes you feel safe?    *Assign Polyvagal Exercises

Week 4: 
Somatic Therapy, Accommodating our Bodies, Stimming
*Assign 5 Senses Awareness: what things do you use to calm your senses? Food, essential oils, candles, blankets, outfits? How do you create safety for yourself?*Assign nervous system bag/kit assembly, complete with emergency contacts
*Share somatic exercises

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