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Introduction to Polyvagal Theory (Private Workshop)

Introduction to Polyvagal Theory (Private Workshop)

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The vagus nerve (also known as the vagal nerves) is a hot topic in the wellness space, and rightfully so. The condition of this nerve determines a lot about how we show up in the world. The vagus nerve helps us understand how our autonomic nervous system functions, and Polyvagal Theory is dubbed the "Science of Safety." 

The essential topics covered in this workshop include: 
1. The Importance of Co-Regulation 
2. Neuroception: How we perceive our environment subconsciously, aka without awareness
3. The Hierarchy of Response: Ventral Vagal, Sympathetic, Dorsal Vagal

By the end of the workshop, individuals should be able to identify which vagal state they are in and leave with a few new management tools for their "vagal brake." 

*Workshops are 60 minutes and are available via Zoom or in-person at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL. (Contact Kristyn at for parties larger than four or private events).

**Because this workshop is about co-regulation, I highly recommend this course for friends, families, couples, or anyone you want to evolve with. I charge $111 for the course, and add $11 for each additional person to cover materials.


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