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Wild Fig Wellness

Neurodivergent Coaching

Neurodivergent Coaching

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The focus of this coaching is to meet each neurodivergent individual where they are on their journey to begin creating accommodations for a higher quality of life. Generally, a common goal is to provide and/or maintain autonomy. I personally am both on the Autism Spectrum and have ADHD. I have mastered the negative qualities of these disorders so I can access the gifts that come with it. 

Co-morbid mental disorders welcome; I put my Bipolar I, C-PTSD and Borderline Personality Disorder into full remission with my wellness practices. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed, therefore your mental illness is just waiting to be transformed into mental WELLness :) 

Sessions are 60 minutes each, held via Zoom or at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL.

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