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Wild Fig Wellness

The Vagus Nerve, The Four Bodies & The Archangels (Private Workshop)

The Vagus Nerve, The Four Bodies & The Archangels (Private Workshop)

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Metaphysical wellness is centered around the idea that there is an energetic connection that unifies the mind, body, and soul. While we each have at least 10 bodies that are part of our creation, the higher bodies (our Higher Self) are not affected negatively by the human experience. As such, we are only dealing with the four lower bodies in this lifetime. They are: 

Physical: Earth energy, governed by Archangel Uriel
Mental: Air energy, governed by Archangel Rafael
Emotional: Water energy, governed by Archangel Gabriel
Etheric: Fire energy, governed by Archangel Michael 

The energetic connection between these bodies exists in the vagus nerve--they are all connected. In order to begin understanding the connection & flow between them, we first must audit them individually. We'll examine the masculine & feminine qualities of each, discover imbalances in the bodies, and you'll receive a comprehensive four-body self-audit to explore after the workshop. 

If all four lower bodies are balanced, you are living your human experience with your Highest Self in the driver's seat. We seek to get you closer to that timeline with this course so you can return home to your true nature. 

Workshops are 60 minutes and are available via Zoom or in-person at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL. (Contact Kristyn at for parties larger than four or private events).

*I charge $111 for the course, and add $11 for each additional person to cover materials.


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