All Services Available In-Person or Online

You will be contacted within 24 hours to schedule your appointment.
In-person appointments are held at the Journey's Path in West Chicago, IL.
Online appointments are held via Zoom. Private events available.

Evolutionary Wellness Coaching

I'll meet you wherever you are to help you evolve into your Highest Self :) After our 1hr session, I let our conversation "marinate" while I get a session report together. These reports are thorough, and include a list of tools I've used to get through similar experiences.It is up to you to decide which tools are relevant for your experience. Should you want to explore a tool further, I can direct you to a qualified provider. 

My awareness comes from my own life experience; therefore, I do not teach from a place of observation. I teach from a place of firsthand experience. Because of this, the vibe is more "peer to peer" than it is "business to business."We are all equal, I am just aware of (and able to synergize) my parts. This is nothing too daunting, just a skill to be learned. If you feel called, I've got you. 

Essential Workshops

Conscious awareness of Polyvagal Theory, the Four Bodies, and the Eight Dimensions of Wellness saved my life when it hung in the balance. Whether 1:1 or with a group, these workshops provide a foundation for long-term autonomy. Each workshop is customized in session for immediate application. If you're not managing your emotions, your emotions are managing YOU.  Co-regulation is one of three organizing principles in Polyvagal Theory and emotional regulation. As such, groups of 2+ are encouraged (and pricing favors this). If you'd like a customized presentation for your family, your employees, a community event, etc. please send an e-mail to